We cover the following areas of the South Shore of Montreal

We cover the following areas, where the Zip Code starts with:

South Shore: J3L, J3E, J4Z, J4Y, J4X, J4W, J4T, J4R, J5C, J4P, J4N, J4L, J4K, J4J, J4H, J4G, J4B, J3Z, J3Y, J3V, J3N, J3I, J3H, J3G, J2Y, J2G, J0L, J5A, J5B, J5R
Montreal: H3G, H3E, H4G

Please go to the contact page, send us a message, and request us to open a new delivery area.
We will do it once a minimum of 5 delivery requests are reached.